30 Days

First of all, I would like to say that there is no “new” me, and I have not had any epiphanies lately, and no, I can’t suddenly levitate off the floor. In fact, I didn’t even miraculously get a my dream job and no, prince charming didn’t appear on a white horse with a gilded sword.  Giving up alcohol was just something I’d decided to do for 30 days, and to be honest, this is the longest I’ve given up alcohol for for about 3 years.  Along with alcohol, I gave up McDonalds, KFC, Oportos, soft drinks and the like.  I could not however bring myself to give up cigarettes and my beloved M&Ms. Seriously, what kind of health freak do you take me for? This was merely an experiment on my part to see how my life and my body would feel without these things.

I’d say it was pretty full on.  I gave up alcohol, and dived head first into Ramadan (where we can’t eat, drink or smoke while the sun is up).  The routine was to get up at about 3.30am or 4.00am, eat something (in my case a cup of coffee, 2 glasses of water and an orange) and then morning prayers (yes, I thought might as well) and then go back to sleep. The first week back from Malaysia, I would sleep half the day, but that was probably because I was also tired from my trip.  Then, slowly, I adjusted.  I’d go back to sleep at about 5.30am and be up by about 7.30am.  Being a sucker for dramatics, I spent the first 2 weeks in self-pity, moaning to myself “oh I can’t eat, so I don’t have the energy to do anything!” Utter and complete bullshit! People in war torn countries don’t eat for a week, and go on with life as they usually would and they don’t die, do they? Of course I had the energy. My brain was just looking for excuses, and then of course, there was that other excuse “oh, I can’t drink alcohol. I’m going to be no fun going out”  Wow.  How sad are you if you’re only fun or interesting when you drink. Sadder still is the person who only finds their friends fun when they thenselves are drunk.

I must however, thank Michelle for kicking me out of the whole lack of desire to live phase, and dragging me, first to a Wedding Exhibition, which took two days, and then to shop for her wedding gown, which took another two days.  Contrary to what I imagined, I didn’t die from starvation, and they didn’t die from boredom due to me not being drunk.  I discovered that even without alcohol, I was capable of falling into fits of giggles, and to top it off, I was organised!  Another thing that dragged me out of whatever it was that I was in was my own body.  It screamed for some movement, and so I went down to the yoga studio – 30 minutes walk to the studio, 90 minutes of yoga and another 30 minutes to walk back.  Again, I’m pleasantly surprised that I did not die.  Although, after a hot, sweaty and physically challenging class last Sunday, I was close.  Saved by the sunset.  Again, contrary to what I had in mind, a yoga session, sweating, stretching and being in meditation actually made me feel better, and being the eternal kid that I am, I was so tempted to run up and climb a tree on my way home from yoga.  No, I didn’t do it.  Only because I had a backpack though. The tree still stands, and someday, I will climb it.  Must be the lack of alcohol in the system that has made me unashamed to admit that I want to climb a tree. Ah well, take it or leave it.  This is me.

So, anyway, back to the current story of my life.  Apart from yoga, I also went to pole dance class, and made it through my graduation.  Apparently, giving up alcohol doesn’t kill the desire to wear slutty shoes. Although, I must point out, that a pole dancer is in no way a stripper or a slut.  We actually have skills apart from throwing sweaty underwear in people’s faces.  Noted? OK cool. A big fear for me, in giving up alcohol is that my social life would die and that I wouldn’t have any friends. I know, I know, it’s sad, but hey, at least I’m honest. Another myth busted. My girls are still here, and I still love them, and they still love me! Another bonus is, without a hangover, I am more emotionally available for them. Wedding exhibitions, wedding gown shopping, general crazy chick behaviour, random conversations, giggling over nothing, and even a private dinner, they were still fun, and even more-so because I didn’t have to wake up with a hangover!

30 days on, I am still alive.  All you vain people out there, I should share that giving up alcohol and soft drinks does give you a flatter tummy. I feel light. Yes Biddy, my human scale, physically, I am lighter, but that’s merely a side effect. What I mean is, my brain feels clearer, and I sleep really well most of the time. Without intending to, I actually crave some form of vegetable with my meals.  We’ll see how long that lasts though.  I’ve realised that people I don’t like when I’m drunk (think loud annoying chicks who want attention), I still don’t like when I’m sober, but there are some people who I really would need to be drunk to be able to tolerate.  Other than that, the people in my close buds list, I still like, and we can still have a laugh, and yes, I can take you telling me that I have a dodgy sense of humour even when I’m sober. Most of all, is this- I am writing again. Yeah, so I’m not SJP, and I don’t have my own column in a woman’s magazine, but seriously, you don’t know what this means to me.  Writing has been my way of expressing myself since I could spell, and now, getting it back has been awesome… so awesome in fact, I could climb a tree 🙂


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