Dancing in The Dark, Landing in the Light

Flowers by Opulent Garden - http://opulentgarden.com.au/

You close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and slowly, the world just melts away.  There might be music in the background and the sound of his or her voice. This space is yours.  Starting from silence, you begin to move, slowly at first, tentatively, but as you learn to trust your body your movements expand.  Without going anywhere at all, every breath takes you to a new place.

Every inhale is an exploration, taking more in, and with every exhale you are letting go of your hesitation.  Your body speaks and you listen, and you obey.  Thoughts are silenced so that you can just feel.  Feeling the sweat drip down your arms, your belly, the small of your back.  You feel the rise and fall of your chest with every breath.  First you fight, then you surrender and in the surrender, you find freedom.  Just fall under the spell of your own movement.  It doesn’t matter how you look.  All that matters are the sensations of this dance.  No rush. No hurry.  This is the place where you can just be.

Then the external dance ends and there you are in stillness yet again, savouring the dance that goes on inside you.  A long exhalation and you just let go.  You close your eyes and just feel the beating of your heart.  For the first time in a long time you are just aware of how your body feels. Aware of where cloth touches skin and skin touches floor.  Aware of the air against your skin.  And your body, ready to ignite and take flight.  Knowing that at this moment, you have everything that you need.  You were dancing in the dark, and now you have landed in the light.

This is love.  This is peace. This is where I come when I am lost so that I can be found.  This is why I come back to my yoga mat time and time again.  Come dance with me.


3 thoughts on “Dancing in The Dark, Landing in the Light

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    • Hahaha… well, yoga can be a lot like the thing that you were thinking about. Or rather, the thing you were thinking about, when done in some forms, can be a lot like yoga 🙂

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