Prince(ss) Charming List

When I was younger, a lot of my friends had checklists of the things that they wanted their perfect partner to have.  These lists often included things like a six salary figure, a flash car, a big house and all that.  I have been told that without such a list, you would be selling yourself short.  So, here’s one for myself, my younger cousins and future children even maybe, just as a starting point.  Please feel free to add on if you can think of anything I’ve missed.

Flowers by Opulent Garden:

You deserve someone who will:

  • Hold your hand in public
  • Be interested in your background/culture/past
  • Want to share his/her background/culture/past with you
  • Walk with you in the rain
  • Try a new restaurant with you once in a while
  • Spend Sunday mornings going to yoga and then farmer’s markets with you
  • Laugh with you but also listen to you whinge once in a while
  • Whinge about things to you
  • Tell you stories about their childhood and listen to stories from yours
  • Cook a meal with you
  • Call just to ask how your day is going
  • Share stories of their day with you
  • Cuddle on the couch with you on a cold day
  • Not be afraid to say “I love you”
  • Want to travel with you, and even if you don’t go to half the places you speak of, at least you could dream together
  • Work hard, work ethically and be responsible in spending money
  • Be silly with you once in a while
  • Be serious when it counts
  • Make an effort with your family, friends and other people who are important to you
  • Introduce you to their friends
  • Hang out with your friends once in a while
  • Sometimes watch a movie or show or concert just because you want to
  • Fix things for you
  • Be completely faithful
  • Get things from upper/lower shelves for you (depending on your height and theirs)
  • Understand when you need quiet time to read a book in the bath
  • Follow through
  • Not take it personally when you’re moody
  • Always be ready for hugs
  • Forgive
  • Have dreams and ambitions
  • Include you in those dreams and ambitions
  • Realise how great you are and never be ashamed of you, your race/culture/background/height/hair colour/skin colour
  • Make you a cup of tea sometimes
  • Let you make them a cup of tea sometimes
  • Go shopping with you once in a while
  • Come home and give you a kiss after a boys’/girls’ night out
  • Call when they say they will
  • Keep flirting with you even though they know you love them
  • Remember things that are important to you
  • Be present
  • Make you a priority
  • Understand and acknowledge that sometimes you are right
  • Realise that in some aspects, you do balance them off
  • Smile and laugh with you
  • Not always make it seem that everything you want them to do with you is such an inconvenience
  • Once in a while tell the boys/girls that they would rather have a night in with you
  • Speak of the day you met/your anniversary/the first time you said “yes” to going out with them like it was an amazing day
  • Speak of you like you are a great thing
  • Tell you that you look good
  • Remind you that you make them smile
  • During hard patches, remember how you made them feel those times they winked at you across the room while you were still flirting
  • Be responsible
  • Take care of you when you are sick
  • Care about their health and yours
  • Eat generally healthily but will make room for some naughty eating once in a while
  • Go to the beach/zoo/park with you
  • Sometimes make an effort to plan dinner/a picnic/movie/anniversary/birthday or something just for the heck of it
  • Have their own interests so that you get to read a book or update your blog in private sometimes
  • Go out and support you if you decide to perform in a show, race a car or enter Masterchef
  • Read your blogs even though they find it very girly/manly
  • Accept that sometimes, you might not like the same thing
  • Be kind and respectful to your family
  • Be respectful to their own parents
  • Not swear in front of their elders
  • Be self assured and secure enough to realise that although you are better at some things, they are better at others and that’s how you balance each other off
  • Watch a chick/man flick with you sometimes and make fun of you when you react to some of the scenes
  • Not always take themselves too seriously
  • Not put you down just because they are feeling down
  • Keep promises
  • Be fair
  • Not pick on you or find reasons to blame you when things are not going right in their life
  • Take care of you in some ways and let you take care of them in others
  • Accept your love and cherish it
  • Take it in their stride if you decide suddenly to go on a romantic picnic/drive/swim/horse ride
  • Accept all your quirks
  • Realise that they might never understand you, but will still try to know you

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