Come Stand With Me In Warrior – Dear Divine Vira

Perhaps this could be something you share with your son someday…

What have you been taught of strength so far? Have you been told that it means to keep yourself protected and closed up, always ready to either fight or run? Have you been told that strength means to be serious and grim? Have you been told that to be strong, means to be hard? Have you been told that to be strong means to take and give nothing? Well, if you have, come stand with me in Warrior, and you will learn a different lesson.

Stand firm in your lunge, body stable, tail lengthening down, heart open. Stand with humility and compassion, a gentle smile playing on your lips, a twinkle in your eyes. Keep your eyes forward, gentle, gazing. Use the power in your belly to hold you firm and open your heart to the world. Yes, you stand here vulnerable, knowing that the elements can touch you. But how will you know your strength my love, if you keep your heart hidden and protected all the time.

Stay with me for a while, adjusting, moving, in order to stay here longer. Stand with love. A battle is only worth yourself if it involves your heart. Don’t fight battles for the ego, or for riches, for you my warrior, are better than that. You were put here to protect, honour and withstand, between heaven and earth, a beacon, a holy creation. Stand in your glory but bask not in your ego. Know your place as not God, but a ray of God’s heavenly love. Let not the ground root you for only part of you is of this earth. You, the true you, are a light of divinity. Honour that part.

Be not a warrior that gambles the things you own, or spends your nights in the company of drunks or whores. You are so much more than that. Feed your body with things that nurture. Feed your soul with things that make you whole – music, art, sport, love. Stand there, brilliant, honouring your roots, but always, always leave space for yourself to grow. Who you were born as, where you were born – they are all but a foundation, a place where you start to grow. And grow you will my love, dashing and dazzling to the world, or at least to me.

Root yourself down, deep enough to grow but not so deep you cannot move. You were made in perfect alignment. Listen to every part of you – body, heart, spirit and mind. Revere yourself by being here, in every moment, in every breath. Cheat yourself not of today by chasing the green pastures of tomorrow. Tomorrow will come for sure, but green pastures are sometimes merely a trick of the light. Let your forward gaze be just that, an open eyed gaze with intention. Let tomorrow come, but stand firm in today.

Stay when it gets uncomfortable. Be flexible enough to adjust, and I will adjust with you, but be strong enough to stand your ground. Do not back down. Hold your space in my life, my beloved. Take a breath. Maybe close your eyes for a while. Bring your hands to prayer. But stay.

Please be gentle my Vira, with yourself, and with me. When I tell you that I love you, accept with humility and compassion that you believe it. Sheath your sword, rest in your resolve, and open yourself to me. Use no force and be patient, for only then will my shy Goddess come forth. There are no doors to break down my love. Just open yourself to me in peace, with gentle strength and intention. And only then will you conquer my heart.

Stand firm. Be open. Be vulnerable. Soften. Be strong. Hold your space. Be my warrior.


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