This Kiss

One of my friends recently said to me that writing pop romance is merely putting what you think your readers (or you) desire on to a page.  I don’t know about writing romance, partly because I don’t read that much of it, but since there’s a heatwave, here I am, giving it a go.

 This is just the kiss though….


It starts with one tentative kiss, just to test the waters, slightly shy.  Instead of an announcement, it is a question, wanting an answer – a look, a smile, a kiss in return.  The second kiss lingers a little longer. A conversation has been started, a kiss answered by another.  Slowly and tentatively tasting each other.  First just the lips, nothing else.  Then perhaps, your hands intertwine.  Bodies move ever so closely together.

A hand moves to the small of a back, another intertwined in the other’s hair.  Bodies moulding into each other. Deepening into each other. Breathing into each other. Pulse pounding.





And everything in between.

If you move your hand to his chest right now, you can feel his heart pounding underneath your palm.

You might move apart.


Out of breath.

But a second is too long and you miss each other’s lips.  You move together again.  He leans you against the wall, placing a hand behind your neck, deepening your kiss.  Just for right now, the world doesn’t exist.  It’s just you and him in silent conversation.  Your arms around his waist, drawing him closer still.

The whole world only exists only where your skin meets his.  No room for thought as your senses heighten, silencing your mind.  You feel the kiss radiating through your body, to the tip of every finger tip, every toe, to the tips of your hair.

Yes, you feel.

Every inch of your skin is alive with this kiss.

This feels so right.

But so so dangerous.

An eternity in a moment, right here and right now.

Now you’re here, and in one step you could have stepped right off the ledge.

Into nothingness.

Into everything.

But you stay. Nowhere else you would rather be. Nothing else you would rather do.

It’s like you started existing, and shining when your lips met and if you part you will cease to exist again, another speck in the galaxy.


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