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I am a yoga teacher, event manager and blogger with equal love for all three. As you can see, my blogs are about yoga and also life in general.

As a teacher, I offer individual, small group and corporate classes. I teach a style of flowing yoga called vinyasa. Classes are tailored to fit the level of the students.Vinyasa is a style of yoga based in the tantra and hatha traditions. The classes are designed to build strength, flexibility and balance in practitioners and can be tailored to suit different fitness levels. As a teacher, I try to create a playful but safe environment so that students can explore their practice on different levels.

Being a former desk bound ‘corporate type,’ I am passionate about introducing physical awareness and movement to people from the same background. I also like to give people the space to start their own journey and am working to combine my event management experience with my yoga teaching to yoga events including corporate yoga workshops and retreats.

Yoga has helped me through many difficult times including working through issues from my childhood and adolescence, and I would like to share this gift to others. With a passion for feminine rights, I am also looking for avenues to teach women in need including teenage and single mothers, refugee women and women who have gone through difficult times and are looking for a place of healing and support.

Contact me on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/AzraYoga

Or email me at: azra.mustafams@gmail.com

My heart holds within it every form, it contains a pasture for gazelles, a monastery for Christian monks. There is a temple for idol-worshipers, a holy shrine for pilgrims; There is the table of the Torah, and the Book of the Koran. I follow the religion of Love and go whichever way His camel leads me. This is the true faith; This is the true religion.

~ Ibn Arabi

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